[BioC] simpleaffy qc probes ratio

Paul.Delmar@serono.com Paul.Delmar at serono.com
Fri Jul 1 18:12:35 CEST 2005


I am currently looking at the simpleaffy package for affymetrix data QC.
I have a question regarding the 3'/5' ratio reported in the graph and by
the function "ratios"

This ratio is different from the ratio obtained by using the value reported
by the qcProbes() function and making the division "by hand".
These 3'/5' ratios are also very different from the one reported with the
affymetrix software.
Yet, if I use the expression from a call to the mas5() function, the 3'/5'
ratio of QC probes is very similar to the one reported by the affy

 I am using the cdf file : "HG-U133_Plus_2" and simpleaffy version 2.0.13

Any help or explanation would be greatly appreciated

thanks a lot

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