[BioC] Using BioC+R:Upload & Analyze Microarray data with no cost,

Saurin D. Jani jani at musc.edu
Tue Jul 5 19:45:06 CEST 2005

Dear BioC,

For FREE of cost, anyone can UPLOAD and ANALYZE microarray data, [ Overview of
ArrayQuest system].(looking for LIMMA method to add in to our METHOD DATABASE)


Steps/Structure of ArrayQuest:

1. Create your project (microarray project)

 a. you can upload your data (your data can not be viewed by anyone else, unless   
    if you want to..if you have alrady stored your data in to MUSC microarray 
    repository, can goto Step2)

2. Select Method from Method Database: Analysis method, which is R SCRIPTS
currently using all BioC libraries and functions.    

***Anyscript script can be used to analyze ANY GENOMIC Data.e.g,
PERL,Javascript,SOAP,Unix Shell Script***

 a. please read method description before you make a decision which method
    is suitable for your analysis.

 b. please read method parameter description (what method requires, howmany
    CEL files, or FDR threshold..)

3. Build your database :
   (you can use your own uploded data or you can search MUSC microarray
    database to get your data)
4. Choose your dataset: You can choose your uploaded data or you can choose few
   files from your dataset

  a. use of step4 is for flexibility. e.g., Sometimes, user wants to use only
     5 CEL files out of 10 CEL files uploaded.

5. Run your analysis: 
   (upon completion you can get an email with resulting link or you can monitor 
    your analysis)

Please, let me now if you have any questions..I am looking for LIMMA method to
add in to our METHOD DATABAESE, if anyone interested, please let me know..we can
be in touch,

Sorry for sending this again, I think privious message was a formated wrong. 


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