[BioC] CPU time of Anova in R

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the only dramatic speedup I can think about is to use limma instead of R's lm. Otherwise 20 min for 45k anovas in R is not too bad, isn't it?

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I have problem with very long lasting time of anova in R.

My script:
Exprs <- exprs(eset)
Anno <- geneNames(eset)
scheme <- gl(4,3,12, labels=c("a", "b","c", "d"))
x<-matrix(1:90202,nrow=45101, ncol=2) 
for (i in 1:45101) {
Data = Exprs[i,]
results <- lm(Data~schemat)
nextstep <- anova(results)
x[i,] <- c(Anno[i],nextstep[1,5])

where "eset' is rma normalized affy data from m430v2

this script lasts for about 20 minutes
on P4 3GHz, 4GB RAM

How to make it shorter?

Marcin Piechota
Institute of Pharmacology PAS Krakow
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