[BioC] a question about limma

Morten Mattingsdal morten.mattingsdal at student.uib.no
Fri Jul 15 11:04:58 CEST 2005

Filtering weak spots sometimes help. You can filter out or weight spots
by for instance
the red foreground channel of your RG object:
RG$weights[RG$R <200] <- 0.1

I wonder: is it possible to use the fit$stdev.unscaled ?


> Dear Sir
> There is a question whether could limma move out outliers, which are
> not consistently reproducible and has a disproportionately large
> effect on the statistical result?
> In my microarray experiment, I do biology repeat and technology
> repeat, every gene has duplicate in every microarray slide, so I will
> have 16 data points for each gene. If there is outliers, could I use
> limma to filter them?
> Waiting your reply.
> Best regards.
> Chen
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