[BioC] Problems with aCGH library

Justin Borevitz borevitz at uchicago.edu
Mon Jul 18 22:18:14 CEST 2005

Just tried these commands again, no package "repeated", it seems to be
missing from repositories including the developer page.

  On a practical note, anyone using aCGH hmm models to find smallish
deletions  in affy data.   We're gearing up to do so from genomic DNA hybs
to tiling arrays.

From: Jeff Gentry (jgentry at landfield.com)
Date: Mon Nov 15 2004 - 21:06:46 EST 

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> Loading required package: repeated 
> Error in library(pkg, character.only = TRUE, logical = TRUE, lib.loc = 
> lib.loc) : 
> 'repeated' is not a valid package -- installed < 2.0.0? 

This is my fault, the repository for those packages has been updated, 
thanks for pointing this out.

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