[BioC] problem read.maimage("Agilent") -limma

Francois Pepin fpepin at cs.mcgill.ca
Wed Jul 27 02:51:22 CEST 2005

On Wed, 2005-27-07 at 10:29 +1000, Gordon Smyth wrote:
> The gene names in the AgilentFE export files contain strings such as \0, 
> which is being matched as the null character. This is not only causing the 
> file read to terminate premately, it is also causing a crash of R itself 
> when the string is printed.

A quick and dirty solution would be to replace the \ with \\ using any
text editor and load that into R.

It's not very nice, but it should keep things working until a real
solution is found.


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