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David Kipling kiplingd at Cardiff.ac.uk
Thu Jun 16 13:36:37 CEST 2005


Apologies to all for this being not strictly speaking BioC (although the back
end does use some R/BioC functions to make heatmaps and the like)!

Have a look at:


This is an Affy-focussed web-based environment where you can upload and review
your data in a gene-centric fashion whilst also getting a biologist-friendly
"executive summary" of what that gene does.  It's free :-)

There is a public guest login option which gives you a few token public datasets
to browse.   If you go into Pathways you'll find we've dumped all the BioCarta
pathways into it as well, including NFkappa B.  Select this and you get all the
genes on your affy chip from this pathway and browse away.

If anyone wants to discuss this with me in more detail (e.g. how to get a login
or local install) then please contact me off-list.



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>>> "Auer Michael" <michael.auer at meduniwien.ac.at> 06/16/05 10:24 AM >>>

Can anybody tell me the following

I want to identify genes which are located on a certain pathway NF Kappa.
How can I obtain such an information. Which package is appropriate and
which commands are needed. If any body ever encounterd the same problem
please let me know.


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