[BioC] Questions about R on linux

Kasper Daniel Hansen kaha at biostat.ku.dk
Mon Jun 20 18:49:14 CEST 2005

The editor you bring up in R is set either through the 
  options(editor = ...)
command or by setting your R_EDITOR environment variable. The last thing 
you can do in several ways, but an easy way is to create a file in your 
home directory called
and in that file have a line like
or something. I do not think that linux has the options of a spreadsheet 
like interface to data interogation, but I never use it anyway, so I may 
be completely out of phase. If it has it might be using "gnumeric" which 
is an oss spreadsheet.

Saving a plot: one way is to plot sirectly to the device, such as
  pdf(file = "test.pdf")  ## opens a pdf file
  plot(1:10, 1:10)  ## make a plot
  dev.off()  ## close the device
Another way is to use dev.copy, try eg.
  dev.copy2eps(file = "test.eps") ## copying directly to an eps file


On Mon, 20 Jun 2005, Steve Lee wrote:

> have two questions.
> when i do 
> fix()
> it brings up my data in vi
> is there a way to make it bring up the data in more of a spreadsheet
> like format like it does in the windows version?
> also,
> is there a way to save a plot to a file?  i've tried dev.print and
> dev.copy to no avail.
> thank you very much.
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