[BioC] custom Methods for summary expression value

Stefano Calza stecalza at tiscali.it
Tue Jun 28 17:54:40 CEST 2005


I'm "playing" a bit with the vignette on customMethods in the affy package. If I try to replicate the example (or doing my own) for a 
new method for summary expression (i.e. "huber"), I get:

expresso(mydata,bg.correct=F,normalize=F,summary.method="huber") ## just a trial

Error in computeExprSet(afbatch, summary.method = summary.method, pmcorrect.method = pmcorrect.method,  : 
	no direct or inherited method for function 'computeExprSet' for this call

Any hint?


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Section of Medical Statistics and Biometry
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