[BioC] Putting different colors on labels in plot (hclust)

JSPC (Jeppe Skytte Spicker) jspc at novonordisk.com
Thu Mar 3 11:25:12 CET 2005

Hi All R-helpers

This is my first (but probartly not last ;-) mail to Bioconductor-help, so hello to everybody.

My problem: Is there a way to give colors to the labels (sample labels) in plots for a hclust object for better visualization?

I have looked through plot, points, hclust and more but cannot find anything on label color. Anybody know if this is doable?

Best regards Jeppe

PS. I posted this mail first on R-help. After reading a few mails, I guess bioconductor was the right group to mail. Sorry for the inconvinience to people subscribing to both mailgroups :-)


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