[BioC] XML under Debian

Jan T. Kim jtk at cmp.uea.ac.uk
Mon Mar 14 16:02:26 CET 2005

On Mon, Mar 14, 2005 at 02:22:12PM +0100, Anja Schiel wrote:
> Dear all,
> this problem has been issued before but with different error messages.
> I have already installed  the recommended package libxml-dev and still
> get this message
>  R CMD INSTALL XML_0.97-0.tar.gz


> checking for xml2-config... no
> Cannot find xml2-config
> ERROR: configuration failed for package 'XML'
> I am apparently missing something, any suggestions what else I should
> install before XML?

The package is called libxml2-dev. Apparently there's yet another version

BTW, I think the XML package is not part of Bioconductor...

Best regards, Jan
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