[BioC] Incompatible phenoData object. Created a new one.

SALIL SHARMA ssharma at jhmi.edu
Fri Mar 25 23:08:10 CET 2005

Hello group,

Iam a  novice in microarray data analysis.

I am using R version  2 and Bioconductor version 1.5.

My experiment is to read some cel files from a directory and to derive expression values.

> library(Biobase)
> library(affy)
> data <- read.affybatch("lung.CEL","HEART.CEL","PROSTATE.CEL","UTERUS.CEL","LIVER.CEL")
Warning message: 
Incompatible phenoData object. Created a new one.
 in: read.affybatch("3AJW02021805_lung.CEL", "3AJZ02021909_HEART.CEL",  
 > dim(data)

I do not understand this problem.  I have seen my friend using R version 1.9 has no problem with same files.  Is this a bug in R 2.0 or  am i committing a mistake here.  
Could any one help me , please. 

Thank you.


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