[BioC] followup on reading RNA digestion plots

Swati Ranade ssr3072 at yahoo.com
Mon Mar 28 15:35:00 CEST 2005

 A while ago I had posted a question about amplified>
RNA experiment and  guidelines one should follow
during data analysis and Dr. Gentleman had suggested
that RNA digestion plot will be a good indicator for
deciding which samples should be used in data analysis
as it is important to comapre likes. For my
experiments,I think prima facie the plots look quite a
bit similar but since I am new to this area
I cannot estimate what should be range of difference
in slopes that one should tolerate while choosing the
comparable profiles. To give an idea of what I am
seeing I am attaching a postscript image and giving
the slopes at the bottom of this email. I will be
extremely obliged if somebody could provide me
further guidance so that I know I am on the right
track. Please let me know if I need to provide more
than the following information?
Here is the data: (I think sample # 8 seems to have
a slope that is different fro the rest!! Should it be
eliminated or one should observe the trend of the
 [1] 1.6329065 1.5580935 1.5640235 0.9613637
 1.2156617 1.2004132 1.4831510
 [8] 0.3772531 1.6212330 1.2952673 1.2148458
 1.6020575 1.8564214 1.0944649


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