[BioC] [OT] Biostatistician position available

Diego Díez Ruiz ddiez at iib.uam.es
Thu Oct 6 12:25:54 CEST 2005

Dear BioC members,

Sorry for the off topic message but I think it may be of interest for  
A Biostatistician position is available at CNIC (Spain's National  
Centre for Cardiovascular Research). You can see the job description  
below. Any possible candidates please contact:

Ana Dopazo, PhD
Genomics Unit
Centro Nacional de Investigaciones Cardiovasculares(CNIC)
Madrid, Spain
http://www.cnic.es/genomica <http://www.cnic.es/genomica>

Thank you very much.



The CNIC Genomics Unit is looking for a biostatistics expert to  
participate in the performance of genome wide screening assays.
The introduction of high capacity/high accuracy tools for collecting  
genetic information (e. g., microarray techniques) has changed the  
nature of life sciences research. Appropiate experimental design and  
analysis of the high number of data produced  requires challenging  
biostatistical and computational approaches to turn this information  
into discovery.

The successful candidate will be required to work on:
Ø    Application, evaluation and development of statistical methods/ 
tools for hypothesis testing and data mining for a range of   
biological research projects using up-to-date genomic technologies.
Ø    Consultation and collaborative support to ongoing research  
projects. Consulting will involve assisting researchers in choosing  
and implementing the best approaches for designing their experiments  
and analysing their results.

Requirement for this position:
Ø    Strong proven knowledge of statistical and computational  
methodology. Ability to choose appropiate methods and to correctly  
interpret analysis results.
Ø    Experience in medical or pharmaceutical research and experience  
in DNA microarray data analysis/data mining is a strong plus.
Ø    Ability to work at an interdisciplinary nodal position between  
the life sciences and statistics.
Ø    Good communication skills.
Ø    Good knowledge of English.

The CNIC (Centro Nacional de Investigaciones Cardiovasculares),  
Spain’s national centre for cardiovascular research, has been created  
to undertake world-class, internationally competitive research into  
the origin and treatment of cardiovascular diseases. The research  
centre is located in Madrid in a new building with over 6.000 square  
metres of laboratory space, and equipped with top facilities and  
modern infrastructure.

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