[BioC] bg.adjust.gcrma

zhxiaoyu@ucla.edu zhxiaoyu at ucla.edu
Sat Oct 15 13:09:36 CEST 2005

Hi all,

We are using an Affy tiling array and would like to try gcrma for background
correction only. I got a CDF file from Affy and made a CDF env (not a package)
which worked fine for bg.correct.rma, but not bg.adjust.gcrma in BioC 1.7 -
instead of using the environment I made it kept trying to find one in the BioC
repository. I also tried modifying gcrma as Zhijin suggested before but run
into the same problem. Is there any way to make bg.adjust.gcrma use my local
env or do I have to make a package? Any input would be much apppreciated.



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