[BioC] Cannot load bioconductor's packages installed

=?gb2312?B?1qPkvw==?= zhengqi04 at mails.gucas.ac.cn
Tue Oct 25 08:10:38 CEST 2005

Good day, everone,

I am a new user from China of Bioconductor and having some problems while using it at present. As I cannot find any related archives at FAQ documents of R and bioconductor, I have to turn to you for help.
Maybe I should give you some information about my systerm and hardware first. I managed to get R and 'bioconductor' successfully installed on my personal computer, which is purchased from IBM company and whose operating systerm is 'Mandrake Linux' version 10.1. The version of R installed is 2.1.1, and that of bioconductor is the also the latest (must be version 1.7 as I get it installed following the 'bioconductor installation' procedure. Wish these were helpful in solving my problems.

The biggest problem I have met is that I can not load the package "graph" that has already been installed. I downloaded it using "biocLite("graph") and the installation progress was certainly finished without errors or warnings, but it was werid that when I tried to load it by 'library("graph")', a mistake occurded and it died unexpectedly. The prompted messages is writed down below (with some words translated into English by myself due to my Chinese Version Operation Systerm):

"> library("graph")
error: assign("nullgraphID", getuuid()) :
        cannot find the function"getuuid"
error: package'graph' writing and loading R failed
error: loading 'graph' package/namespace failed."

And these were all the packages I had loaded then:
"> search()
 [1] ".GlobalEnv"        "package:ALL"       "package:cMAP"
 [4] "package:Ruuid"     "package:cluster"   "package:hgu133a"
 [7] "package:KEGG"      "package:annotate"  "package:GO"
[10] "package:Biobase"   "package:tools"     "package:methods"
[13] "package:stats"     "package:graphics"  "package:grDevices"
[16] "package:utils"     "package:datasets"  "Autoloads"
[19] "package:base"  "
This is the main problem I'd like to ask for help. Were there any obscurity in my description, please let me know and I will give extra information as much as possible. 

Eager to receive your reply!
Bese wishes!
										                              Anonymous from China

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