[BioC] makepackage of affy's 100K and 500K SNP chip

Zhang, Jacob Jacob.Zhang at vai.org
Thu Oct 27 21:39:27 CEST 2005

Hello, bioconductor developers:

Are there any one working on to make   bioconductor able to read affy's
100K and 500K SNP chips?  

I tried make.cdf.packages() in Suse, it worked on 10K arrays, but failed
on later type of arrays.  The error info is:  bioconductor just can't
handle the chip type right now.   

So can somebody work on that to make it available for public or if not
for public right now, can somebody make an R package for me to install
the cdf packages of 100K and 500K cdf  files   on my Suse and/or window



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