[BioC] Installation bundles for limmaGUI and affylmGUI Windows users

James Wettenhall wettenhall at wehi.EDU.AU
Wed Sep 7 05:15:28 CEST 2005


When running a short course recently at the JSM in Minneapolis:
we created an installation bundle which may be of interest to Windows
users (particularly if you know someone who doesn't yet have R installed
and wants to get started with BioC etc.).  Here it is:

Now, the more verbose version...

Apologies for being a stranger to this mailing list recently - I have only
been reading lower-volume R mailing lists so that I can have more time for
research etc.  In the past, (after R releases 1.8.1 and then after 1.9.1),
I have built installation bundles (or wizards) for Windows users which
will install R, limmaGUI, affylmGUI, all the required R packages and all
the required Tcl/Tk packages (including Tktable and BWidget), in a way
which should be as easy as installing R itself (using the GUI installation

I never built the wizard/bundle after R 2.0.x because the way I do it
involves building R from source (which requires having all the right
compilers etc.) and there was a problem with my Latex installation which I
had trouble fixing.  And also, I was away from work for personal reasons
around that time.

I have recently built a Windows installation bundle (as described above),
but probably with a lot more R packages than some people really want.  It
was built for a recent short course at the JSM in Minneapolis.  Here's our
course website: http://bioinf.wehi.edu.au/marray/jsm2005/
The R packages (and versions) included in the bundle are listed at:
and the wizard/bundle itself can be found at:

Given that I have successfully built the wizard/bundle recently, it
wouldn't be too hard to trim it down to the bare essentials, so I'm happy
to hear requests for that,  but (a) Most people on this list already have
R installed, so I'm probably not really talking to right audience and (b)
A new version of R will be released very soon, so this bundle will become
out-of-date very quickly and (c) Officially I'm not maintaining the
limmaGUI,affylmGUI projects any more - a colleague of mine, Keith is, so
I'm trying to avoid spending too much time on them so that I can get on
with other research.

So after reading those negative thoughts, if you still want (or know
people e.g. biologists) who want me (or Keith) to maintain this sort of
installation bundle more regularly, I'm happy to hear requests.


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