[BioC] pamr and samr problems with windowsXP - pop-up windows

Giulio Di Giovanni perimessaggini at hotmail.com
Fri Sep 9 17:56:16 CEST 2005

Hi to all,

After I tried with several text editors, in several different PC and 
laptops, the problem persist. I talked with another guy in Rome who has the 
same problem, and he is the only BioC-WinXP user I know...

With windowsXP, once I installed and LOADED samr or pamr packages, all the 
error messages appear in a pop-up window. This doesn't happen with all the 
other packages, as far as I tried.
When you have a big workspace, there is a delay between the hit "RETURN" and 
the appearing of the pop-up info window (with the error message inside) to 
clic-in to proceed. Bigger is the workspace, bigger is the delay (until 
20-30 secs). So if you mistype or whatever, you have to wait. If you just 
run a script or a proc and you forgot to load a library, you have to wait 20 
seconds every error of the script, clic on the "OK" button and wait for the 
following error. So is really impossible to work.

I was using RwinEdt, and so I was thinking was his fault, I switched to 
Xemacs, and is the same. Also without editor at all, using Rconsole, is the 
same (in SDI and MDI mode).
I changed PC (home, laptop, other collegue's), different installed programs, 
and this doesn't change.

I a new R installation I installed only pamr package, nothing else, and 
problem is always there
I don't know If this can be an useful information, but once I installed and 
loaded pamr or samr and I got the problem, even if I detach or remove the 
package, the problem remains.

If I'm not wrong, with an old pamr version everything was fine.

Really I have no clue (tcltk ? Pam or Sam Graphs? I don't think...), but 
what I know is that without loading pamr and samr everything works 
perfectly. The point is that I need PAM and SAM analysis, because I think 
that both are really useful and well done. I cannot switch directly now on 
linux OS, and so I have to use the Excel versions (...and yes, I tried also 
in a PC without excel at all, and the problem is aaalways there) and give it 
up to BioC...

Sorry if I bother you, thanks


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