[BioC] LIMMA: Technical replication (dye swap) and within-array replicate spots

Pie Muller pie.muller at liverpool.ac.uk
Tue Sep 13 18:54:17 CEST 2005

Dear Gordon,

I am analysing a simple two-colour microarray experiment camparing strain A 
vs. strain B with 3 biological and two technical replicates (dye swap). 
Hence, my experiment is similar to your example in section 11.1 of the 
limma user's guide. Our array has four within-array replicate spots for 
each gene. As the "block" argument in the limma function "lmFit" must be 
NULL if ndups is larger than 2 I wonder how I can handle both technical and 
within-array replicates?

In advance, many thanks for any suggestions!



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