[BioC] FW: Question (vennDiagram vs. topTable) for AffylmGUI 1.3.0

Luo, Wen WLuo at ligand.com
Thu Sep 22 23:48:06 CEST 2005

Hi Gordon,

Thanks for the clarification. Two more related questions:

is the default for command-line limma decideTests?

What are the defaut method and adjust.method for affylmGUI?  

Is there a reference which elaborates other methods such as
'"heirarchical"' (adjusts down genes and then across
     contrasts is given from the help menu)?

Thanks again for providing such a great package.


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>Dear list, dear James and dear Ken,
>the selection for a particular P value in the topTable of affylmGUI and
>the selection of genes differentially expressed in the vennDiagram of 
>affylmGUI show different numbers. This is most likely of no surprise 
>since the probabilities might have different semantics.
>Does anybody have a hint for me how to get the topTable output in sync
>with the vennDiagram? Or should I instead construct the vennCounts from

>the results of the topTable function?

Wen Luo has written to remind me there hasn't been a response to this

When using limma (command line) the answer is that you use

   topTable(...,  method="BH")


   decideTests(..., adjust="BH")

and the results of topTable and vennCounts will agree. This is
under ?decideTests.

afflmGUI is currently is transition from one software engineer to
and I'm am not sure myself how much of this is implemented in the GUI 

>Is anybody working on extending affylmGUI for an analysis of associated
>GO terms?

We provide a web-interface for GO analysis at http://gostat.wehi.edu.au,

and Robert Gentleman has provided a nice command line R package GOstats.

There are no plans at the moment to incorporate such things into


>Kind regards and many thanks for affylmGUI

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