[BioC] Packaging bioconductor

Giuseppe Ghibò ghibo at mandriva.com
Fri Sep 23 18:23:45 CEST 2005

Seth Falcon wrote:

> install.packages is not smart enough to resolve dependencies
> (recursively) and determine a correct installation order.  As long as
> every required package is in one of the repositories given in the
> repos arg, things will Just Work.  This is how the getBioC and
> biocLite functions work.

How to call install.packages() in batch mode? i.e. either without X11
as well as without manual interaction. I.e. there shouldn't be opened
like the tcl/tk interface window which is opened when calling install.packages() 
once started R interactively.
Furthermore the 'repos' can't be an URL (even local), but at most a path
(I can rsync the src dir and then put all the pkg files in a single dir,
from which it will install), otherwise the package building won't work.


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