[BioC] Affychip coli asv2 annotation files

lemerle at embl.de lemerle at embl.de
Sat Apr 1 00:21:12 CEST 2006

Dear list,

I am analysing Affymetrix GeneChips of type coli asv2.
I wanted to use the "annotate" package but found no appropriate annotation files
in the bioc repository.
I then found out about AnnBuilder, but the vignette mentions that for any
species that are neither human, rat or mouse, AnnBuilder needs to be
The paragraph about AnnBuilder extension is a heading with no content in that
vignette (the ABPrimer). What is the status of this ?
Does someone maybe have such annotation files already that i may use?
(If so, could they maybe be added to the bioc repository?)
Thank you for an answer,


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