[BioC] Different results Limma vs LimmaGUI?

J.delasHeras at ed.ac.uk J.delasHeras at ed.ac.uk
Tue Apr 11 16:00:16 CEST 2006


I have been using LimmaGUI for a while, and I am starting to use Limma 
directly, and I was comparing the results I get with both methods, to 
make sure I am doing things right.

The lists of genes I am getting are roughly the same, but the orders do 
change a bit, and so do the B values (that I use to rank the genes).

Is this expected, perhaps because different limma versions do 
calculations in slightly different ways? or is that an indication that 
I am not doing the analysis in the same way?

For LimmaGUI, I use the latest (July 2005), version 1.3.9 (which uses 
limma 2.0.2) on R 2.1.1
Limma, I am using version 2.2.0 with R 2.2.0 (both latest)

In one experiment (two slides only) I get a B max of 6.33 with limma, 
and 6.92 with LimmaGUI. Another 3.13 with limma, and 2.84 with 
LimmaGUI. Then I add another 3 slides (5 total now) and the B max 
increases to 13.0 in both limma and limmaGUI. So, the differences are 
not big... is this due to slight changes in the way successive versions 
of limma do certain calculations?

The analysis included:
- bkg correction: substract
- within arrays normalisation: loess print-tip
- between arrays normalisation: scale
- least squares (for linear model) in limmaGUI (default in limma)

Thanks for your help,


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