[BioC] Limma vs anova (GeneSpring)

Wettenhall James James.Wettenhall at petermac.org
Wed Apr 19 08:39:34 CEST 2006


Thanks Naomi and thanks in particular to Gordon Smyth for a discussion
off the list.  I do understand the value of moderating the t statistic
(shrinking variance etc.) for small numbers of replicate arrays, but I
was initially missing the fact that a 1-way ANOVA test can be equivalent
to a t test.  Probably most people who read this list regularly have a
statistics background, so it might be surprising to hear from someone
who knows so little about ANOVA, but I come from a maths/comp sci (not
stats) background, and so I was mistakenly concerned that ANOVA methods
(e.g. Churchill et al) might be completely different from the t tests
and linear models which I was more familiar with.

Thanks for the helpful information.

Best wishes,

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