[BioC] Wilcoxon rank sum test on Golub dataset

Andrej Kastrin andrej.kastrin at siol.net
Thu Apr 20 11:52:17 CEST 2006

Dear BioC useRs,

I'm working on classical Golub dataset and I would like to select 10 
genes that are mostly overexpressed in AML, and 10 genes that are mostly 
overexpressed in ALL by using Wilcoxon rank sums test.

I try with the below code (I paste just the core of the loop) which 
compute p value for each row, but the result is identical:

wilcox.AML.pvals[i]  <- wilcox.test(aml.i,all.i)$p.value
wilcox.ALL.pvals[i]  <- wilcox.test(all.i,aml.i)$p.value

Thanks in advance for any suggestion,

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