[BioC] Fusarium CDF

Heather Erika Hallen hallenhe at msu.edu
Fri Apr 21 17:18:35 CEST 2006

Hello, all. 

I am a biologist, and not principally a programmer, so am finding myself a 
bit over my head, working with a Windows machine (Windows XP professional) 
and a custom Affymetrix array. I have Perl, and R2.2.1 (precompiled binary 
from CRAN), and Bioconductor. I have the Affymetrix-provided cdf file for my 
organism (Fusarium graminearum). I have not had much luck finding the source 
package installation files that the makecdfenv Vignette says I need if using 
a precompiled binary in Windows. This Vignette also says "you can contribute 
the package to Bioconductor and we will create a Windows binary for you". I 
would be delighted to contribute the package if anybody could help me with 

Much thanks for any response, 

Heather Hallen 

Heather E. Hallen
Research Associate
Department of Plant Biology
166 Plant Biology Laboratories
Michigan State University
East Lansing, MI 48824-1312 USA

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