[BioC] BIRD 07 call for particpation

Prof. Roland Wagner rrwagner at faw.uni-linz.ac.at
Sat Dec 2 15:48:54 CET 2006


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*1st International Conference*


*Bioinformatics Research and Development*

* B I R D '07***

*http://www.birdconf.org* <http://www.birdconf.org/>**

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*Technical University of Berlin, Germany*

*March 12-14, 2007*

*Keynote Talk: *

* *

*Josef Penninger, *Institute of Molecular Biotechnology (IMBA)

"From Flies to human disease"**

*Scope of the conference:*

* *

The primary focus of BIRD '07 is to provide researchers and users in the 
field of bioinformatics a forum in which to interact about new research 
directions, developments, and software/web services.

It encompasses the methods of solving biological, medical, or chemical 
problems by computer science, machine learning, or information 
processing tools.

The conceptual level of the methods range from theoretical approaches 
through the design of algorithms, models, and information processing 
systems through to the development of software packages and web services.

The program committee seeks contributions, which topics include, but are 
not limited to:

    * Algebraic Biology
    * Databases & Data Integration
    * Drug Design
    * Ontologies & Textmining
    * Evolution and Phylogenetics
    * Genomics
    * Gene and Splice Site Recognition
    * Machine Learning and Data Analysis
    * Gene Expression/Regulation & Microarrays
    * MicroRNA and RNAi
    * Molecular Diagnostics and Treatment Support
    * Molecular Dynamics
    * Pathways, Networks, Systems Biology
    * Phylogenetics & Molecular Evolution
    * Protein & RNA Structure and Function
    * Proteomics
    * Sequence Analysis & Alignment
    * SNPs and Haplotyping
    * Systems Biology and Modelling

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* *

*General Chair:*

Roland Wagner, FAW, University of Linz, Austria

*Program Chair:*

Sepp Hochreiter, University of Linz, Austria

* *

*Registration of Participation:*


Early registration: before 31 January 2007

For the scientific program, registration, and Social Events please refer 
to the BIRD-website http://www.birdconf.org <http://www.birdconf.org/>

For further inquiries, please contact the BIRD Conference Organisation 
Office (office at birdconf.org <mailto:office at birdconf.org>)

Univ. Prof. Dr. Roland Wagner Director of the Institute of Applied Knowledgeprocessing  (FAW)
Director of the Institute "integriert studieren"
Tel.: +43 676 84673210
Fax: +43 732 24689308 rrwagner at faw.uni-linz.ac.at
sec1: Monika Neubauer Tel.: +43 676 84673212 Fax.:+43 732 2468 9308 mneubauer at faw.uni-linz.ac.at

sec2: Barbara  Arrer
Tel: +43 732 2468 9232
Fax:+43 732 2468 9322
barbara.arrer at jku.ta

http://www.faw.uni-linz.ac.at http://www.integriert-studieren.jku.at http://www.dexa.org http://www.icchp.org

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