[BioC] problems with gcrma just.gcrma

Seth Falcon sfalcon at fhcrc.org
Tue Dec 5 00:28:48 CET 2006

Hi Elisabetta,

Elisabetta Manduchi <manduchi at pcbi.upenn.edu> writes:
> I'm trying to use just.gcrma with data from Affy MGU74Av2 and am getting 
> the error at the bottom of what's copied below re read.probematrix. I'm 
> running version 2.4.0 of R and gcrma version 2.6.0. The mgu74av2 packages 
> being downloaded are version 1.14.0.
> Can anybody advice on what I can do to overcome this?

Could you provide the output of sessionInfo() from an R session where
the error has just occured?  

It is possible that you have a mixed set of package versions.  You
might want to try the following update recipe (from an R session):


+ seth

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