[BioC] AffyRNAdeg: "degradation" or "digestion"?

Gordon Smyth smyth at wehi.EDU.AU
Wed Dec 6 01:54:42 CET 2006

This is just an enquiry about an official name of the plot produced 
by AffyRNAdeg() in the affy package. Is it an "RNA degradation plot" 
or an "RNA digestion plot". The function produces a plot with title 
"RNA digestion plot" yet the term "degradation" is used instead of 
"digestion" in all the documentation that I have seen on the 
function, including the article by Bolstad et al on Affy quality 
assessment in the Bioconductor book. It's hard to think of any 
physical process by which the RNA could be said to be "digested" so 
I'd tentatively suggest that the plot title be changed.

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