[BioC] aCGH across samples

Sean Davis sdavis2 at mail.nih.gov
Wed Dec 6 18:42:15 CET 2006

On Wednesday 06 December 2006 10:49, Daniel Brewer wrote:
> Hi,
> In the new year, I am going to start work on a large aCGH dataset from
> quite a few different samples.  I am new to CGH analysis.  What I would
> like to know the best way to find amplicons or deletions that are shared
> in the majority of samples (a statistic would be useful).  More
> specifically I would like to find the smallest common differential
> regions that contain a known gene.

Look at the STAC algorithm:

pubmed id: 16899652

Also, there is the cghMCR package in the bioconductor repository.


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