[BioC] problems with gcrma just.gcrma

lgautier at altern.org lgautier at altern.org
Fri Dec 8 14:09:16 CET 2006

>> NB; you can still use list.celfiles() if you want to use a subset of
>> chips. You can always subset using the '[' function (i.e.,
>> list.celfiles()[1:4]). However, you would probably have to use the
celfile.path argument as well, since list.celfiles() won't give you the
path information. Using filenames =
>> list.celfiles("../../data_repository/quantifications")[some subset],
celfile.path = ("../../data_repository/quantifications") is probably
easier than typing out all the celfiles with their path information.

[I forget this in draft folder]

Just a note:

list.files("../../data_repository/quantifications", full.names = TRUE)

does return the complete path, and could be more useful to learn
than some that is affy package-specific.

Just a thought,


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