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Jenny Drnevich drnevich at uiuc.edu
Tue Jan 3 18:33:23 CET 2006

Hi Laurens,

See ?topTable - this may give you what you want, but only for one 
coefficient/contrast at a time. Also, see ?write.fit - this will give you 
all the p-values (adjusted if you want)  written out to a file that can be 
opened in Excel; you can also use the results option in write.fit to attach 
your -1, 0, and 1s from decideTests.

Alternatively, if you want an object in R that has both the adjusted 
p-values and the -1, 0, and 1s, I've been using this code, which I pulled 
from write.fit:

p.value <- as.matrix(fit2$p.value)
for (j in 1:ncol(p.value)) p.value[, j] <- p.adjust(p.value[,
         j], method = "fdr")
tab <- list()
tab$Genes <- fit2$genes
tab$p.value <- p.value
tab$Res <- unclass(results)
tab <- data.frame(tab, check.names = FALSE)


At 09:52 AM 1/3/2006, Laurens Pauwels wrote:
>Happy New Year everyone!
>I used decideTests in limma to correct for multiple testing
>across probes and contrasts. I was wondering if there is a way
>to obtain adjusted p values rather than 1,0,-1 scores.
>Laurens Pauwels
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