[BioC] Boxplot from dataframe...

James W. MacDonald jmacdon at med.umich.edu
Tue Jan 10 17:35:52 CET 2006

David Ruau wrote:
> I found out finally how to have the names of the experiments printed on 
> the x axis by using the phenoData define in the affyBatch.
> ###
> boxplot(exprs(abatch)[rownames(exprs(abatch))==id] ~ abatch$population, 
> col=colors, axes=FALSE)
> title(main=y, sub=id)
> axis(1, at = 1:length(unique(da.gcrma$population)), labels = 
> as.list(unique(da.gcrma$exp)))
> axis(2)
> box()
> ###
> David

Why don't you just use the 'names' argument to boxplot() for the x-axis 
labeling? In addition, you don't need the logical vector


to subset a matrix. You can simply use the rowname, which is at the very 
least less typing, and may well be faster.



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