[BioC] Cel objects, smida package, and cond.norm

noel0925@sbcglobal.net noel0925 at sbcglobal.net
Thu Jan 19 19:07:27 CET 2006

Dear BioC users,
It appears as if  the function read.celfile (affy
package) used to create Cel objects is no longer
available. I would like to use the spatial
normalization function of the smida package,
spat.norm, however, it requires that I first generate
cel objects. I imagine that there is a simple way to
do so, any suggestions?
Also, I am having difficulties manipulating the output
from cond.norm (also in the smida package) for use in
a summarization method. The problem appears to be that
cond.norm generates a matrix of expression values with
rows representing probes and columns representing
arrays, but is not an affybatch- as such I cannot call
the command- expresso to generate summarized
expression values. How can I convert this matrix to an
Any suggestions would be most appreciated.


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