[BioC] installation problem / CRAN.packages deprecated warning message

Bart Hooghe barth at dmbr.ugent.be
Fri Jan 20 11:34:09 CET 2006

Hello everybody,

on installation of the current bioconductor packages (on fedora core 4, R version 2.2.0) no errors are appearing and everything seems fine, 
but it ends with the following output: 

 The downloaded packages are in
Warning message:
'CRAN.packages' is deprecated.
Use 'available.packages' instead.
See help("Deprecated")

There's nothing to find in the given tmp directory, so finally nothing seems to be stored or installed.

The message is the same whether I use biocLite.R or getBioC.R, default or with own lib and destdir parameters. 
I've googled a while and searched through this mailing list archive to find similar problems, but I didn't find anything useful to me.

Does anyone know how to solve this installation problem ?

Bart Hooghe,
PhD student BioIT,
VIB UGent Belgium

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