[BioC] justRMA/GCRMA and alternative cdfs

James MacDonald jmacdon at med.umich.edu
Tue Jan 24 15:50:06 CET 2006

For those who are interested, I just committed changes to both justRMA() and justGCRMA() that will allow the use of alternative cdfs (and probe packages in the case of justGCRMA()).

I added a 'cdfname' argument to both functions, so as an example if you have an alternative cdf called "mm430mmentrezg6cdf", you would use

justRMA(cdfname = "mm430mmentrezg6")

Note that the argument is the package name *minus* the 'cdf' at the end. This is for consistency with rma() and gcrma().

Also note that this change does not affect the normal functionality - justRMA() and justGCRMA() without a cdfname argument will use the normal Affy-based cdf and probe packages.

These changes are in the devel versions of the affy and gcrma packages, and may take a couple of days to propagate to the download repository.



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