[BioC] Chromosome location for probes

Oosting, J. (PATH) J.Oosting at lumc.nl
Wed Jan 25 09:46:01 CET 2006

For a single probeset it is easiest to go to the netaffx site and look
at the Probe Info: Probe Interrogation Position

If you want to check a lot of probesets, you could have a look at the
psl document available for your chiptype. I'm not aware of any
bioconductor package that uses this filetype. 

I'm in the process of doing something with probe locations myself, and
am planning to use the last approach.

Jan Oosting

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For a probeset, say 1010_at, its chromosome location (chr22) is 
Assume the probeset has 16 PM probes, how can I get these 
probes'  chromosome locations?

Can any functions in bioconductor packages do this job ?



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