[BioC] How to use biomaRt with RMySQL under Windows

Earl F. Glynn efg at stowers-institute.org
Thu Jan 26 21:01:49 CET 2006

"James W. MacDonald" <jmacdon at med.umich.edu> wrote
in message news:43D924A5.80904 at med.umich.edu...


Thanks for your reply

> That binary *does* contain the libMySQL.dll in the libs directory (I
> just downloaded and checked). INSTALL.win in the top directory of that
> package contains the following hint from BDR:
> You need to move libs/libMySQL.dll into the PATH, or add
> ...\library\mysql\libs to the path.
> BDR 2002-06-19
> I simply added R_HOME\library\RMySQL\libs to my path and it works out of
> the box.

I'm confused.  There is no libs/libMySQL.dll but only a libs/libMySQL.lib

After installation I'm seeing a libmysql.lib (not a .DLL) and a RMySQL.dll
in this directory:
C:\Program Files\R\R-2.2.1\library\RMySQL\libs.  I checked the libs in the
original ZIP and it has the same two files.

The file libmysql.lib is only 34 KB while the file
C:\WINDOWS\system32\lilbMySQL.DLL is 1,128 KB (for the MySQL Version version
4.1.12a).  How does this 34 KB LIB file do the work of the 1,128 KB DLL?
The RMySQL.dll isn't very large either, only 37 KB.

I am not aware of any other R package that requires a path change or file
movement after installation (perhaps there are others).  Shouldn't any
dependency like this be taken care of by the installation program?


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