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	I am trying to understand RMA better myself at the moment. I cannot 
understand how
the background is obtained from page 6 of the pdf file that you cite 
below. In
the RMA paper (Biostat 4, 249-264). Dr. Irizarry and coworkers state 
"An alternative
background correction is to consider B(PM(ijn))=E(sijn)|PMijn). ... To 
obtain a computationally
feasible B(.) we consider a closed form transformation obtained when 
is exponential and bgijn is normal."
	This text seems to refer to the graphs on page 6 of what you cite 
below, but I don't
understand it. Can you (or anybody out there) please explain it in 
simpler language.

Thanks and best wishes,

On Jan 30, 2006, at 5:24 PM, Naomi Altman wrote:

> I found the answer to my questions on Dr. Irizarry's website in his 
> talk:
> http://www.iobion.com/slides/RMA/rma.pdf
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