[BioC] save R object

Richard Pearson richard.pearson at postgrad.manchester.ac.uk
Fri Jun 1 12:12:00 CEST 2007





ruma wrote:
> Dear List,
> I have trouble saving my R objects in the home directory.
> I tried using the save(), write(), sink() function, but all save the files
> in a format which can be viewed only in the R environment.
> Is there any other way in which we can store the R outputs in standard
> formats which can be viewed in vi editor or any other editor...???
> As my output data is quite large enough, the output scrolls over the screen
> and I'm unable to view it...and hence, fail to analyze it..!! Can anyone
> help me in this regard..??
> Thanks in advance,
> Ruma Sanyal
> Bioinformatics Team
> Center for Development of Advanced Computing
> Pune
> India.
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