[BioC] chromosome plot

Seth Falcon sfalcon at fhcrc.org
Mon Jun 4 18:23:22 CEST 2007

yanju <yanju at liacs.nl> writes:

> Dear all,
> I was trying to visualize genes in each chromosomes in Zebrafish. I 
> found how people visualize them in Human species using geneplotter. Then 
> I tried followings:
>  > library("annotate")
>  > library("geneplotter")
>  > library(zebrafish)
>  > newChrom<-buildChromLocation("zebrafish")
> then I got a error:
> Error in get(x, envir, mode, inherits) : variable "zebrafishCHRLENGTHS" 
> was not found
> There is no zebrafishCHRLENGTHS variable which record the length of each 
> chromosome in Zebrafish. What should I do?

At present, AnnBuilder only produces the CHRLENGTHS map for humna,
mouse, and rat platforms.  We hope to increase the coverage in the
next release.  One solution would be to use the UCSC Genome Browser to
determine the lengths and create a map object with the appropriate

+ seth

Seth Falcon | Computational Biology | Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center

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