[BioC] mas5calls with make.cdf.env

Lana Schaffer schaffer at scripps.edu
Thu Jun 7 01:49:21 CEST 2007

Hi James,
R version 2.5.0 (2007-04-23)
makecdfenv   "1.14.0"
I am following the vignette for makecdfenv to create a new
cdfenv and can use this env for functions llike plotHist
but I get an error when using the function mas5calls.
Getting probe level data...
Computing p-values
Error in FUN(1:6[[1L]], ...) : NA/NaN/Inf in foreign function call (arg
This is my code:
mycdfenv <- make.cdf.env("myname.CDF")
abatch <- ReadAffy()
abatch at cdfName <- "mycdfenv"
Calls <-mas5calls(abatch)
Can someone help me get the mas5calls function to work here?

Lana Schaffer
The Scripps Research Institute
DNA Array Core Facility
La Jolla, CA 92037
(858) 784-2263
(858) 784-2994
schaffer at scripps.edu

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