[BioC] Affy Human Gene ST1.0 cdf

rcaloger raffaele.calogero at gmail.com
Thu Jun 14 17:17:24 CEST 2007

"Anthony Bosco" wrote:
>Is anyone currently working on annotation and cdf packages for the
>Affymetrix Human Gene ST1.0 microarrays. 

I have generated a cdf file for Human Gene ST 1.0 (hugene10stv1cdf) using the :
window version: http://www.bioinformatica.unito.it/downloads/hugene10stv1cdf_1.0.0.zip
Unix version:  http://www.bioinformatica.unito.it/downloads/hugene10stv1cdf_1.0.0.tar.gz

It was generated with the following code:
tmp <- read.celfile("TisMap_Brain_01_v1_WTGene1.CEL")
pname <- cleancdfname(tmp$HEADER$cdfName)

       packagename  = pname,
       version      = "1.0.0",
       author       = "Raffaele A. Calogero",
       maintainer   = "Raffaele A. Calogero <raffaele.calogero at unito.it>",
       species      = "Homo_sapiens",
       compress     = TRUE,
       verbose      = TRUE)
 #R CMD -build  hugene10stv1cdf 



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