[BioC] BufferedMatrixMethods error

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Wed Jun 27 23:45:34 CEST 2007

Beth Wilmot wrote:
> Hello,
> I am running R-2.5.0 ons a 64bit Solaris 10.
> I am trying to install BufferedMatrixMethods and got the following
> error:
> "init_package.c", line 5: cannot find include file:
> "doubleBufferedMatrix_stubs.c"
> cc: acomp failed for init_package.c
> I was able to successfully install this package on this machine when I
> had R-2.5.0 compiled as 32 bit but now that it's compiled as 64 bit.
> Both BufferedMatrixMethods_1.0.0 and BufferedMatrixMethods_1.1.2 give
> this error.

Hi Beth,

How are you trying to install BufferedMatrixMethods?

File 'doubleBufferedMatrix_stubs.c' is in the BufferedMatrix package so
BufferedMatrix _must_ be installed before BufferedMatrixMethods can be

- So the 1st thing to check is that BufferedMatrix is installed.

- Then check that <R_HOME>/library/BufferedMatrix/include contains file

- Then check that, when you try to install BufferedMatrixMethods, your
  compiler is invoked with something like


  (this is with gcc, it might be different for your compiler)

Please report which one of the 3 above steps is failing. Also the _complete_
output you get during the compilation of BufferedMatrixMethods might be useful.


> Thanks,
> Beth
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