[BioC] Suggestions for upgrading BioC (was: ReadAffy problem)

Seth Falcon sfalcon at fhcrc.org
Tue May 8 17:53:21 CEST 2007


As Benilton pointed out, you have a stale version of affyio.  This
suggests that you reused your package library while upgrading R and
BioC.  I thought I would take the opportunity to make a recommendation
for upgrading R and BioC...

I would strongly recommend maintaining separate package libraries for
each version of R and Bioconductor.  This will help one avoid subtle
(and not so subtle) version mismatch issues.  After an initial install
into a _new_ pacakge library, you can update the set of installed
packages like this:


+ seth

Seth Falcon | Computational Biology | Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center

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