[BioC] Vignettes menu

J.Oosting at lumc.nl J.Oosting at lumc.nl
Wed May 9 16:54:23 CEST 2007

When I use R through the (D)Com server on windows (A CRAN package which
turns R into a COM server), the main R window is invisble.
However when a package is loaded that creates a menu-item for its
vignette, an empty R window is created with Graphics as window title and
'Vignettes' as its only main menu-item.
This window can be closed without consequence, but it's somewhat ugly to
see it appearing. 
In the past I did some half-hearted attempt to see if I can detect
whether R was started as a COM server. Because I did not succeed doing
that I didn't go any further in trying to suppress the addition of
menu-items at the time.


> Alejandro <ale.sola at integromics.com> writes:
> > Hello,
> > when i try to load a library with library command (for example
> > library(Biobase)) a new menu appears on R command console 
> (Vignettes) 
> > with links to the help documents.
> > Is it possible to eliminate this menu or avoid the 
> appearance of this 
> > menu?
> This menu appears when using the R GUI on Windows.  It is not 
> currently possible to turn it off.
> What's your use case?  If you don't like the menu, you don't 
> have to click on it ;-)
> + seth

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