[BioC] Help on beadarray

Matt Ritchie Matt.Ritchie at cancer.org.uk
Sun May 13 13:20:32 CEST 2007

Dear Haiming,

Changing the file extension isn't a good idea.  In your case, the argument
'textType' in readIllumina needs to be changed to ".txt" rather than ".csv"
as the raw data from the scanner is stored in tab delimited text files. So

BLdata <- readIllumina(textType=".txt")

and take a look at the readIllumina help page (?readIllumina) to find out
more about 'textType' and the other arguments in readIllumina.

Best wishes,


> Dear Matt;
> Thanks for replying my email re Beadarray. I did the way that you suggested,
> also renamed the "*.txt" files (bead data, X-Y co-ord) to ".*csv", however,
> another error message here:
>> BLdata <- readIllumina(textType=".csv")
> Found 8 arrays
> Error in order(dat1$ProbeID) : object "dat1" not found
> what does "dat1" object mean? Is it an output from the scanner?
> Best,
> /// Haiming

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