[BioC] Time series and RT-PCR

Ana Conesa aconesa at ivia.es
Thu May 17 09:13:15 CEST 2007

Hi all,

This is not a proper Bioconductor question, but I think this is a good
forum to place my request. I am looking for a public/available dataset
regarding to a Mutiple Series Time Course Microarray design, for which
also Real Time -PCR data for a number of genes has been measured.

Can anyone put me in contact with such a data set?

          Thank you in advance.

           María Nueda
PhD Student
Department of Statistics and Quality
University of Alicante
email:mj.nueda at ua.es
IVIA (http://www.ivia.es)
Open WebMail Project (http://openwebmail.org)
Debian Project (http://www.debian.org)

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