[BioC] Permutation of a data.frame

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Dear Paul,

Not sure if I understand fully. I think you are saying that you want to shuffle the rows, but keep the code with its corresponding p-value together.

In that case, you can simply use the sample() function.

Index<-sample(1:nrow(DataFrame), size=nrow(DataFrame), replace=F)
NewDataFrame<-DataFrame[Index, ] 


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Hello all,

I have a data frame like this:

  Code         pvalue
GT2984      0,0665
GT9301      0.1203
GT9271      0.0123
GT1203      0.0023
.............         ..........
and so on.

I would like to permute only the rows, i.e. at start GT2984 with pvalue 0,0665 is at position 1 and after the random permutation it would be elsewhere but with his pvalue, i.e. GT2984 with pvalue 0,0665 at position 19. And this should happen with every row from the data.frame.

How could I achieve this?

Thanks in advance,


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